EAB was founded in 1938 by Albert Mundy, seen here in the photo with his wife Daisy to his right and his son Graham on his lap. To Albert’s left is Ivy Dyer and behind her is her husband Frank. To his right is Bernard Snelgrove. These were EAB’s missionaries in 1949.

EAB’s initial headquarters were established at Princesa Isabel (PB) and its first church was build there in 1943. EAB moved its headquarters to Patos (PB) in 1948 where they remain to this day.

Albert Mundy was EAB Director from 1938-1971 and Frank Dyer then took up the reins from 1971-1987. John Medcraft joined EAB in 1972 and he assumed the leadership, together with his wife Elizabeth who was born in Patos in 1949, from 1987 to the present date.

EAB now has grown to a network of 85 churches in north-east Brazil and is firmly committed to integral mission – the preaching and practising of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with multiple projects like church planting, well drilling, care centre, action child schools, radio ministry, leadership training and environmental care.

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