EAB’s work is situated in a tropical semi-arid region facing annual droughts, so it runs various projects to help people in the interior cope: Wells (see photo), 4 Legs (goats), Horticulture, Trees, 2 Wings (laying hens), Biogas (produced from cattle dung), Bees, Environmental care, Rain harvesters, Underground dams etc. We thus aim to help rural people stay on the land with decent life quality.


Green Pastures Farm, Nature Reserve and Christian Conference Centre develops with leaps and bounds. It is home for camps, church fellowship days, regular church, school for local farm workers’ children, scientific research (see university professors at work in photo), environmental and organic farming education and is a recognized Reserve by the national government environmental institute. “The earth is the Lord’s”!  


This EAB project helps poor children become literate and successful in their primary education, giving them teaching with love plus nourishing food. The programme has been recently adjusted with a defined cut-off point at the end of year 5 so as to make it more efficient and manageable for EAB. It is funded by child sponsors who fund children’s education from nursery or year 1 onwards. It is being a blessing in incredibly desperate situations.    


The deaf understand the Gospel and come to Christ as a result of this growing project over the past 20 years. Our services are interpreted by our own qualified sign-language experts and many deaf people are now church members. The project leader is our own deaf pastor Luiz Carlos. The project has the added spin-off of giving jobs in schools to our sign-language experts who have gone on to do degrees in the field after learning the basics with EAB.  


EAB’s Christian Care Centre continues to work hard and flourish. Seen here is work with battered wives from one of the poorest boroughs in Patos where drugs and violent killings reign. The women are being trained in work skills, taught their rights and given anti-drug and HIV guidance. The Centre also runs dental care, senior citizens care and a food bank.    


EAB has increasingly focused on church and project leadership training over the past 30 years. This is our Campina Grande Bible College, but another exists in Patos as well as our regular leadership and youth conferences. All is aimed at equipping leaders for sound Biblical preaching, teaching and balanced leadership across north-east Brazil. Strong capable leaders are a key factor in EAB church sustainability strategy.


EAB churches are mobilized churches with a wide variety of ministries so that the body of Christ can be entirely involved in spreading the Gospel. Thus there are ministries for all age groups, singles, divorced, married couples, musical, drama, dance, visitation etc. EAB churches are not one-man bands – they are orchestras!    


EAB has recently had some fruitful years of evangelism and church planting, especially in needy rural areas such as here at Mandacaru. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is being faithfully preached by mobilized churches, which are ablaze for God’s Kingdom, pressing into off track places in deep dry valleys and on rocky mountains. God’s truth is marching on!


EAB has maintained radio ministry for the past 35 years and it remains a great means of reaching the masses with the Gospel as well as maintaining contact with Christians in places with difficult road access. Today we are on air from 8 radio stations spread all over Paraíba and Pernambuco States.

EAB Action Child/Schools bear fruit

It was lovely to meet up with a man today who was one of our pupils in EAB's Action Child Programme 30 years ago! He is doing well, living a clean honest life and is a hard worker with his mule and cart. He is married and his children now go to the same EAB School!

Great Christmas and New Year Services

Our main Christmas service on December 24th was wonderful as was our New Year's service on the 31st. The Gospel was preached and the Lord was glorified throughout. Now it's back to the grind of new year with a hundred strong team due to be at the 10-day special outreach at Manaíra staring on January 12th. We value your prayers.

Happy Christmas Hampers!

Happy Christmas Hampers!

Our Christmas hampers distribution carries on throughout the weekend and is bringing a happy Christmas to many.

New Church Members

New Church Members

John receiving three new church members recently into the Patos church

The church moves into the street

We held our Sunday morning service in a narrow street of the dangerous borough of Placas in Patos this morning and parallel to the service, followed by a kids service, we did a whole host of social action like cutting hair, trimming nails, checking blood pressure and glucose levels etc. Doctors and nurses got to hear of our plans and